Trading Fees Explained

Buy Trading Fees:
1.0% - LP & EIF 1.0% - Foundation 1.0% - Treasury 1.0% - Blackhole 0.5% - Lottery 0.5% - Tip
Sell Trading Fees:
2.0% - LP 1.0% - EIF 1.0% - Foundation 1.0% - Treasury 1.0% - Blackhole 0.5% - Lottery 0.5% - Tip
  • LP - Trading fees goes to backing the liquidity of the BNB/ENTITY pair on PancakeSwap ensuring an ever-increasing collateral value of $ENTITY.
  • EIF - Trading fees are stored in the Entity Insurance Fund, which helps to sustain and back the staking rewards provided by the positive rebase.
  • Foundation - This part of the fees is stored in the Entity Foundation Fund, the core of our strategy. This reserve funds all the ethical & environmental projects submitted by the community & voted in our DAO.
  • Treasury - These trading fees goes directly to the Treasury, which supports the EIF & the price floor, provides a marketing budget for Entity and funds new products development.
  • Blackhole - 1% of all $ENTITY traded are burnt in the Blackhole. The more that is traded, the more get put into the hole causing the blackhole to grow in size, larger and larger through self fulfilling auto-compounding which in return acts to reduce the circulating supply of $ENTITY and keeping the Entity protocol stable.
  • Lottery - Our lottery is funded from this fee. With the volume, Entity tokens are accruing in the lottery smart contract, that when invoked, randomly pick a winner among the participants, and will transfer him/her the accumulated balance.
  • Tip - Entity is starting with negligible funds, without a presale or any private sale. Everything is fairlaunched, and all the fees have a dedicated function in the protocol. Hence, in order to ensure both protocol & developer sustainability, we only drain 0.5% of the volume.