Almost never seen before in symbiosis with with a token, a small part of our fees (1%) are funding our lottery.
The lottery works 24/7, anyone can trigger the draw by clicking on "Pick a winner" button (note: you have to send a dust amount of $ENTITY (it can be as low as 0.00001 $ENTITY) to the lottery smart contract before clicking the button. If not, you'll get a transaction error).
There is a little entrance fee each time you participate to the draw. You can participate an unlimited amount of times within a round, provided each entry is funded by >= 0.003 BNB (the entry fee). Once the draw is triggered, a new lottery starts, and you need to re-enter (i.e. pay the entrance fee again for each participation) in order to participate.
There is no max limit of participations in a single round. Any wallet/player can participate as much as he want.
There is several requirements needed before entering/processing the draw:
  • The lottery smart contract balance need to contain >= 10 $ENTITY tokens before calling the "Pick Winner" function
  • You need to hold >= 10 $ENTITY tokens in your wallet before entering the draw
With the volume, $ENTITY tokens will accumulate in the lottery smart contract (1% of the total volume). Once the balance reaches 10 $ENTITY or more, anyone can call the "Pick Winner" function, the contract will then process the draw by randomly picking the winner wallet among the current participants.
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