The maths behind Entity

Let's assume our Pancakeswap launch goes smoothly and our starting supply of 10,000 tokens stays at $1.00 each. With the effect of exponential compounding at the end of year (365 days), the marketcap will go from $10,000 (10 Thousands) to $97,600! (~100 Thousands).
That is assuming the token price stays the same at initial market rate only. If we see a high market demand from a lot of buyers - for example $ENTITY reaching $50 - we could well see the market cap be a lot higher at EOY, like $5,000,000 (5 Millions) in our example.
The ultra low starting supply increasing slowly over time + the ultra low listing price + the burn fee provides great incentives to our early holders, and ensures a rapid surge in price due to its scarcity.
Nevertheless the math gives us an extremely high probability of $ENTITY being in the Top 10-100 within the next years.